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Forum pour la cause et protection animale : annonces sauvetages, adoptions, aide aux associations, discussions, entraide...

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 Paws without Borders, what is it ?

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Date d'inscription : 23/11/2011
Age : 28
Localisation : Tokyo

MessageSujet: Paws without Borders, what is it ?   Dim 9 Déc 2012 - 15:48

Hello, welcome here !

Paws without Borders is english version of the french forum "Pattounes sans Frontières", about animal rescue in Japan, France and everywhere.

But this english version is essentially dedicate to animal rescue in Japan.

Why "in Japan" ? And why that english is a little broken english !?

Because I'm a french woman living in Tokyo, so... my english is a little broken english ! Sorry ! But don't hesitate to tell me if some words or sentences are wrong.

I was committed in the animal rescue in France, so after moving to Japan, I felt it's really different here from France. And after Tohoku and Fukushima disaster, I wanted talk about it to french people, and explain how people like Hoshi san really have will to save animals.
So, the french forum was born from that idea, the 26 november 2011.

But, it was difficult for me to find informations in french or in english, with no speaking japanese ! So, little by little I decided to make english part to concentrate informations about associations and shelters in Japan.

I made this places for animals and associations in France, but all animals and all associations need help, so I hope with that small forum, we can help more.

My thinking is : a little + a little = a lot !

And many ways exist to help animals and associations, like explain and give informations about adop a pet, make donations, etc... internet give us many possibilities to help more, so let's go !

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Paws without Borders, what is it ?

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