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Forum pour la cause et protection animale : annonces sauvetages, adoptions, aide aux associations, discussions, entraide...

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 Read it before Register !!

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Date d'inscription : 23/11/2011
Age : 30
Localisation : Tokyo

MessageSujet: Read it before Register !!   Dim 16 Déc 2012 - 8:51

Hi !

Please, read it before register on Paws without Borders because... the language of the forum is french now.

So, if you don't speak french, it will be a little difficult... but you can change language after register, so let's see it together.

But, don't care, it's good opportunity to learn some french words and I explained all here, so take time to look the pictures

To look pictures with big size, click on "Agrandir cette image".

1st step - Register !

You want register on the forum ? So let's go !

Before register, we have to accept rules of "Forumactif", it's the website which hosting the forum.
Rules are basicals : no racism, no illegal talk like drug, no sex... we have to accept it before continue. So if you are agree with it, continue your way and click on "j'accepte" means "I accept it".

Now, you are on the way to register ! But I made all translations, so you can feel easy !

Username, password, e-mail, and where do you live (country or city), please don't give personnal informations like your street name.
Click on "Enregistrer" means "Register".

There is a second step to be sure you are human and not robot. You have to confirm your password and copy the code, and click again on "Enregistrer" means always "Register".

That's clear ! You are now register on the forum !!

2nd step - Change Language

We can change language after register, it's easier to change our profile, send message, and like that.

So, after register, let's go in our profile to change that.

Now, we have to choose "Préférences" and click on, it means the settings we prefer.

Ah ! It's here !

Check and you can find english, but german, japanese, spanish, and many other languages too !

Don't forget to confirm with "Enregistrer" .

Now forum is in English !

Japanese is possible too !

It's ok, now enjoy on forum !

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Read it before Register !!

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